ARIEL P. URO “BEST REGARDS,"But as long as there are Others held captive Do not consider Yourself free.

By Ariel P. Uro.
The letter to the editor, published in collaboration with one of the curated artists, “Best Regards,” is the consummation of six months’ work trying to create active resistance against the finnish far-right under the guise of an art project. The letter deals with opposition to immigration, the finnish political climate and frustration.

By Ariel P. Uro.
A rally was held in central Helsinki supporting the closing of the borders of Finland on Independence day 2015. “Ääripää” is a clip from the installation that describes the claustrophobia and anxiety experienced while seeing the speakers on stage and the cheering crowd and how it’s tone affects communication.


By Armi Teva.
This film takes a part in the Finnish refugee discussion in which the media’s behavior and the civil dialogue gets occasionally creepy overtones.

By Kimmo Modig and Tuomas A. Laitinen.
Landlording is a series based around Kimesco, a young real estate mogul. Kimesco shares his views on public funding and other myriad issues, all related to real estate developing.

By Man Yau and Johannes Ekholm.
Submission for: Culture as Commons? Design-
ing with Digital Heritage (Helsinki Design Week 2015). Two designers were challenged by
to create a new concept within 24 hours that
deals with commonly shared materials. Who has
the right for democratic decision making regar-
ding public space?

By Anni Puolakka and Tommi Vasko.
Different embodiments of lion symbol – as seen in the nationalist symbols of Finland – venture from Big Brother TV show to an art school's studio and from Google Images to a suburban shopping mall.